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THIS IS A RACIST ESTABLISHMENT. My boyfriend and I are a mixed-race couple. I'm white, he's spanish/black. We'd been there a few times in the past with no problem, but realized the difference is that those times had other black or Spanish people in the bar with us. The last time we went, we walked into a bar of white Irish (American) men. They lit up when they saw me (the only girl) walk in, and then when my bf walked in behind me the mood immediately changed. The bartender asked for both our IDs even though we'd established we were literally only there to eat the chili. My bf gave her his ID, she said he was too young. Then I gave my ID, she said I was too young. I'm 27, my bf is 31. So to double check, she then gave the ID to the owner. He, too, claimed my bf was too young. Both IDs are legit and accurate. They looked at us and said "Sorry, you're too young to be here". It was very clear the atmosphere was unwelcoming to mixed-race couples (or were catering to a crowd that seemed to have a problem with it). Needless to say, we pointed out their "mistake" twice, to which they didn't respond, just waited for us to escort ourselves out. So we did. Haven't been back since. Aside from that, the chili was delicious (that's why we were there), we drove all the way from Jersey City for it, but they have a different bartender and chef there every night. The food is never made the same way twice. It's dirty, too. If you're white and only have white friends, you'll enjoy yourself if you like dive bars. If you're black, Spanish, or any other minority, keep your eyes open. You might be treated differently if you find yourself to be the only one of your race in the house. We've been in plenty of situations where individuals have a problem seeing us together (it's just the world we live in), but NEVER from an establishment. We are still disappointed and feel severely disrespected by the spectacle they made of themselves that day. I felt like it was the year 1800.

I wouldn't write a review like this if it wasn't true. Obviously I'm not the racist one...

Review about: Dive Bar.



The story you are telling people on a racist bar is nothing but bull I am a bartender in this bar for a long time. Please get your story straight I have all different nationalities come in rustys bar and Never had a problem


sounds like with your agenda you were looking for problems and have an attitude.You dont relaize it but probbaly thw way you handle yourself, talk, walk and just overall looking for trouble, ansd thats the way of the world not evernone is going to like you, get use to it.

You dont think this happens in reverse?Sure does, all the time but we dont complain, we move on to where our business is wanted.

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hi asian person. like I said, we'd been there a few times before without a problem. but different situations bring about different problems. don't be so naive when it comes to race. like I said, I'm white. I don't generally have problems with being on the receiving end of racism.

and yeah, beezer, I do take offense to it. my guess? you may have been one of the people in the bar that day? if anyone needs therapy for racist paranoia... it's the white folk who run that bar. also, if I am " ranting to noone on the internet" then I'm guessing they suggested you come on here and comment on my post? or... You are, indeed, noone, yourself?

the people WERE very friendly and the food was great.. HELLO... that's why we'd been there a few times before. if you like good food and friendly service, then by all means... partake. no one is saying you shouldn't.

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I'm an Asian guy been there twice and didn't had any problem.They are nice.

The place is been there for ages as far as I know.

Locals go there.Food is gr8!

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I love Rusty's!No chance it is racist.

Been going for years and the people who work there are without bias. There is not racism there one bit.

Therapy for your racial paranoia?Much better solution than ranting to no one on Internet.


Seriously nikalseyn?Stop whining?

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable complaint to me.

You're being a bully, plain and simple.Save the hate for posters who actually deserve it!!!


Who goes on a website called "pissed consumer" to *** on the consumer that's pissed?Good call, nikalseyn.

If you read my review, you'd see that I "haven't been back since". I'm not a child...I'm a pissed consumer. Pay attention! I take it you've never been the victim of racism (or maybe you work at Rusty Kales?), so maybe you don't know what it looks like, but sometimes-that's what it looks like.

I could have gone into more detail, but I give readers credit enough to be able to read between the lines.Do the world a favor and learn to stick up for what's right, or at least stop *** on others who try to.


Sounds like you want to make trouble by complaining about being picked on.If you don't like the treatment at a place of business, then don't go there.

Simple.Stop whining.

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